Beautiful Parks And Gardens

A Really Pretty Photo Gallery Taken In Local Parks, Along Sydney Harbour, While Visiting Heritage Listed Buildings, Around Churches, Roadsides, Along The Parramatta River, Sydney Botanical Gardens, The Opera House and more …

Most local councils seem to go to a lot of trouble to enliven these densely populated areas for residents and tourists to enjoy. It was common to see people playing soccer, doing group exercises or running vigorously through the park during their lunch hours. Sydney moves at a much fasted pace to our relaxed environment in Queensland, but the energy is high and generally quite happy. I enjoy Sydney for a week or so, but look forward to coming home again to relax in the style I’m accustomed to.

The main panoramic photograph below was taken at a heritage listed property in Parramatta and showcases hedges, architectural spiked plants, native trees and large cacti that add dramatic structure to a beautiful ochre coloured, mud rendered farm style cottage.

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