Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact You?

You are welcome to phone Elizabeth Richardson in Australia on +61 459 675251 or send an email through the CONTACT FORM.

Can I Use The Photographs From This Website?

Absolutely. You are welcome to use them and leave the watermark intact. Although it’s not a requirement, we really appreciate a direct link back to this website and we’re more than happy to provide a link back to yours when you NOTIFY US that you’ve used them. We’re pretty easy going really and like to help out wherever we can 😉

PLEASE NOTE: All images remain copyright to ‘lifegames photography’ and are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. This license lets you distribute, publish, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as you credit this website for the original photograph. If you breach this license agreement i’s unlikely that we’ll initiate legal proceedings, but we retain the right to do so.

What Is The License Agreement?

Websites, Brochures, Television, Advertising, Printing Or Other Media – You have permission to use the images from this website in their current resolution, provided you credit

How Do I Download The Photographs?

Just click on the image you want in order to enlarge it, then right click the photograph and select “save target as” OR “save link as”.

But, What If I Want Better Quality Photographs?

That’s OK too. Most photo albums contain images taken with a full framed top of the range Canon 5D 11 with luxury “L” series Canon lenses. Many can easily be blown up and printed to the size of a large billboard and still retain their quality.

Just request the image/s you want by using the contact form and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. We can also give you access to an entire album or gallery of full resolution, SUPER HIGH QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS (usually on a compact disc or DVD) that are watermark FREE and royalty FREE, for a once-off cost along with permission to use them as you please.

How Much Do They Cost?

Albums cost from $200 to $600 depending on the quality and number of images contained inside. If you want to purchase just one picture, it will cost $50 and then we add a further $10 for each subsequent image. BUT, contacting us directly will give a much better indication of how we can help you the most.

Will You Take Photographs Specifically For My Business/Event/Wedding?

Yes we take photographs, but only when inspired and when we can use our creativity freely. You might be pleasantly surprised by our QUOTE that gives you:

  • full resolution, super high quality photographs
  • images taken exclusively for you that no one else has access to
  • your pictures provided on a CD/DVD for you to print, publish or use freely as you please
  • watermark FREE, royalty FREE photographs with no requirement to acknowledge the photographer or this website (though that is always appreciated and grants you the privilege of a reciprocal link).

Copyright Notice

All Photographs on this website are owned by “lifegames photography” and licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. We really appreciate that you provide a link back to this website when you use our images or simply leave the watermark intact.

Photographer: Elizabeth Richardson


Thanks for taking the time to read this information.