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Beautiful pictures and information about the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park, South East Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Photographs on this page include bush walking tracks, ferns, The Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, people walking near the cabins, scrub turkeys, views across the mountains, Australian Ravens, tree ferns, goanna in the wild, views towards the Gold Coast, bushland panoramas, holiday homes, steel walk bridge, road, timber seats, gardens, native Australian flowering trees and shrubs, concrete steps, the Caves Circuit track, Kweebani Cave, wetlands, tourist information center, car park, girl playing on the rocks, palms, the walkway cut out of solid rock and so much more …

Walking Tracks At Binna Burra

Just above the Binna Burra Mountain lodge are the entrances to several well maintained and fairly well signed bush walking tracks of varying lengths; Bellbird Lookout 1km, Yangahia Lookout 2.5km, Lower Belanjul Falls 5.3km, Lower Bellbird Circuit 12km and Ships Stern Circuit 19kms. Between the Tourist Information Center and the Mountain Lodge is a beautiful track that will take you to the main tourist attraction in the area, Kweebani Cave, which is well worth the 5km return journey.

About Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is a fairly densely forested area in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Flowing through the lower valley is The Coomera River, flanked by the Darlington Range. The range provides shelter from the strong western sun for an extensive area of rainforest that’s mainly filled with Hoop Pine. There are many gullies here and in early winter, the White Cedars can be seen clearly with their bright yellow leaves. The Red Cedars show off their new pink and red leaves and flame trees stand out with their scarlet plumes. The open forest grows on very shallow soils formed from the eroded basalt rock. These shallow soils overlap the deeper layers of hard volcanic rock know as Ryyolite, which form the striking cliffs that Lamington National Park is known for.

About Kweebani Cave

Kweebani Cave is a large sheltered rock wall which was once used by the Yugambeh people as a refuge and place to cook during extreme weather conditions. It is said they would eat roasted wallaby, goanna, bandicoot and even echidna and still occasionally use the area to this day.

About Binna Burra

The name Binna Burra refers to the forests of tall beach trees that grow in the area. The Yugambeh people are said to have lived off the land there for thousands of years taking only the food and materials they needed to support their self sufficient lifestyle. This area provides us with some of the best walking tracks in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

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