Photos Of Hinze Dam And Advancetown Lake

Where Is The Hinze Dam?

The Hinze Dam wall can be found at the northern side of the Advancetown Lake, partway along the Nerang River, approx 24kms west of The Gold Coast and about 15 km southwest from central Nerang via the Nerang Murwillumbah Road, Worongary Road or the Advancetown Road. Surrounding Towns include Advancetown, Nerang, Canungra, Beechmont, Austinville and Gilston. It’s downstream from the Numimbah Valley and not far from Springbrook National Park Mount Tambourine. SEE AERIAL MAP HERE

Why Was The Hinze Dam Built?

Hinze Dam was originally constructed in 1976 on the Nerang River, raised in 1989 and finalised in late 2011. The dam helps to control flooding in the lower Nerang Valley, but most importantly provides water supply for over 500,000 Gold Coast homes. 5 million tonnes of rock and nearly half a million tonnes of clay (all from local sources) were used to raise the wall during the last stage of development, making this the highest clay-core dam in Queensland.

What Can I See And Do At The Hinze Dam?

As well as taking a look through the beautifully designed, state-of-the-art Information Centre with its’ own quality cafe and large function room, there is a picturesque BBQ area, terrific eco built lakeside parkland, interesting scenery as you walk across the dam wall. Other activities include hiking/walking, bike and horse trails, ample car parking and toilet facilities. It’s best to visit the centre during normal business hours, but the rest of the park is accessible and still lovely to see at any time of the day. A great place to take a picnic and plan to spend a few hours.

What Else Can I Do On The Advancetown Lake?

Boating is allowed on the lake ( for electric or manual powered only), along with Kayaking, fishing (with permit), canoeing and other paddlecraft can be launched from the ramps). There are two good boat ramps … The western boat ramp is located on Nerang Murwillumbah Road and the eastern boat ramp is accessible from Little Nerang and Range roads. The area is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm, seven days a week and a permit is needed if you want to use it outside those times. (We noted that the boat ramps, riding and walking tracks were closed for safety reasons after the floods in January 2013, but most were opened again several weeks later).

Pictures On This Page Include:

Photos of the dam wall, the levels of water before and after the floods in January 2013, around the Advancetown lake, the Nerang River, aerial map showing the Gold Coast To Advancetown and surrounding areas, water gushing from the wall, the information centre, inside the cafe, views of the function room, the gardens, ferns, people visiting the centre, riding a scooter, people taking a walk, a boat ramp entry point, a wild duck skimming across the water, views from the lake, views to and from the dam, old photographs of the dam construction and more …

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